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a Permanent Replacement Solution for The Teeth Lost


ALL-ON-4 a Permanent Replacement Solution for The Teeth Lost

If you are suffered from multiple missing teeth, short or long-term losing teeth from the periodontal disease, bruxism, injury, accident, calcium deficiency, or other reasons, considering the All-On-4 dental implant, a placed permanent dental solution, one of the most effective dental restorations among the dentistry innovation, typically a very finest dental solution solve directly to the oral issue. This restorative treatment consists of a placed permanent 4 dental implants per jaw fixed in positions to support the entire bridge, a full set of new teeth which are surgical placed and completely fused into the jawbone at specific angles, where multiple teeth are missing and create stabilizing endurance while providing firmly support anchor into the jawbone. Bones surrounding the implants compatible with the posts and becoming a solid foundation for the new restoration make it strong, stable, and functioning like the natural teeth.

What Happens When You Lose Your Teeth?

Tooth loss leads to bone loss, when teeth are missing many things are affected. Not only lose the ability to chew and eat properly but the face shape will gradually change, you may look aging than you actually really are. It slurred your speech and discomfort, when you are in public, it makes you lack confidence, feels self-conscious, lowers your self-esteem and even prevents you from eating your favorite food. As a tooth is lost, alveolar bone loses its 25 % bone volume during the first year. Your natural living teeth start shifting out of place and misalign, some moving against each other in order to fill the gap, some experiencing bruxism, uneven or excessive teeth wearing. The jaw will gradually lose its width, height, mass, and gum tissue also decreases. In consequence, bone loss results in subtle changes; cheeks can sink-in slightly, as its lost support and create undesirable premature wrinkles. The more teeth become lost the more failure function comes across. This leads to some particularly significant aesthetic and functional issues, generally in those who’s completely edentulous (toothless). Therefore, it’s necessary to urgently restore teeth lost to prevent bone loss and make it last accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of ALL-ON-4 Dental Implants?

The All-On-4 potentially reduces bone loss, maintaining bone gross, empowering functional forces, and encouraging bone growth. The prostheses that substitute the tooth root acts as the implants that are fixed firmly into the jawbone and fused integrally with the tissue, enabling you to have your prosthetics put in places, encouraging the retention of bone mass and providing strength to the foundation. While traditional dentures are not relying on the gums and supporting the underlying bone. The All-On-4 supports the prostheses, all of the functional forces are effectively conveyed from the implants to the bone exactly the same way as forces are conveyed to the natural teeth. Conventional dentures without implants are unable to reduce bone loss because they still put pressure on the gum tissue and bone constantly. None of the forces are conveyed into the bone which usually invigorates bone and keeps it maintained. Commonly a concept to grasp with proven acceptance.

Besides comprising with the abutments that post into the jawbone, also the All-On-4 attached with the incredibly crowns of which ideally made of pure titanium that has its specifically biocompatible properly allows it to “osseointegrate” with the jawbone (“osseo”—bone; “integration”—fuse with). The crown, a significant component of the artificial teeth attached to the implants and bridge, gives the look, feel, and function like the natural teeth. Its traits reduce stress on the remaining teeth by increasing bite support, improving efficiency of chewing force, and preventing shifting on the remaining teeth. In case the crowns need to be removed or replaced in the future, surely the implants will not compromise or damage the others. Additionally, the All-On-4 system can be applied to those who experienced long lost bone. Since the implants provide a secure anchor without considering the need of bone grafting, shortening recovery period, and expecting substantial treatment timelines in just a few visits.

The benefits of the All-On-4 are universally invaluable, the primary reasons to consider the All-On-4 over the other traditional appliances is its state-of-the-art innovative technique procedure that exceptional ingenuity at its best, regardless of bone loss or teeth loss make it possible to place the implants into the entire jaw. The All-On-4 gives the birth of bone, born to teeth, releases biting forces with full functions rebound. Proudly say, it is the multidimensional work of experiences and knowledge at its height, the comprehensive science that combined, and the eye of aesthetics that reach the highest level of uncompromising perfection. The empirical improvement of eating enjoyment, the overall physiological health and well-being enhancement, the socialization apparently advancement. Ultimately, the bone preservation and the longevity results with over 98% success rates makes the All-On-4, currently the King of all teeth replacement treatments.

All-on-4 dental implants is recommended by certified prosthodontists worldwide that can provide full oral functions, confident-boosting and life-changing solutions. To find more of All-on-4 dental implants cost in Thailand, please contact Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic team to have an initial consultation and personalized treatment plan for you.

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