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How To Go To Thailand Now - The Best Option For Dental Care

Have you ever wanted to learn how to visit Thailand now? Thailand is a Southeast Asian country bordering Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, and India. It is globally known for its beautiful tropical beaches, rich cultural heritage, pristine old monuments, traditional villages and intricate, ultramodern cities featuring pagodas, hanging lanterns and ceramics.

How To Go To Thailand Now - The Best Option For Dental Care

In Bangkok, Thailand's capital, an ultramodorous ultramodern metropolis looms next to peaceful canalside villages and tranquil beach resorts. Just a short drive away is the most famous, and heavily visited national park in the world, Ko Phi. In nearby Hua Hin, a vibrant nightlife belies the wealth of Thai boxing. And nearby Phuket, an island paradise on the sea, is home to a world-class diving spot and a world-famous sky-blue sea called the Causeway.

If you've never been to Thailand before, you'll be surprised at how much the country has changed since you last went. For example, Thailand's education system is top-notch; their hospitals are state of the art and you will find cutting-edge technology including robotic surgery, computerized tomography, and vascular technologies. Unfortunately, however, their dental care system has fallen behind the United States and Europe.

In Bangkok proper, where I live, dental care is not very advanced. My dentist charges significantly more than he does in Europe and there are so few qualified doctors to be had that the ones that are available tend to be very old and/or too busy to take my insurance. In Bangkok I used a dentist who was out of his office hours and always on vacation. That left me with lots of unbecoming appointments, lots of waiting and lots of money. I could have saved money by going to a specialist in Thailand.

Luckily, I found a qualified doctor who moved to the city from England. He immediately made me aware of the high dental care costs in Thailand. I could have gotten a much better deal if I had looked into the possibility of using a dental plan while I was in Thailand.

It would have been bad enough to lose my teeth, but it would have been doubly bad to have paid exorbitant rates for them while I was abroad. So, while I'm learning how to go to Thailand now, let me tell you this: Be careful about your dental care in Thailand. It might be a great destination for those who can speak and understand Thai. But those without language skills should stick to the more basic procedures and avoid going too far outside their budget. When I found the perfect doctor, I was able to save a lot of money. Even now, after several months, I am saving a lot of money.


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