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Tips for Finding Senior Dental Plans

A senior dental plan for seniors is basically insurance protection that allows older adults to keep good dental health and continue to maintain oral care and avoid potentially costly dental issues. Medicare and Medicaid typically don't provide dental coverage as part of their basic benefits. The Dental Health Tips for Older Adults series offers helpful information on how to find quality dental care, including what to look for and how to get affordable dental care.

Seniors can obtain dental plans from their existing Medicare or Medicaid coverage. Most people are eligible for at least a standard discount plan if they have Medicare. Some seniors even get additional dental coverage from their social security benefits. There are also many discount plans available through individual companies that cater to older adults.

Tips for Finding Senior Dental Plans

One of the biggest challenges facing seniors when it comes to dental care is the high costs associated with going to the dentist. Most Medicare and Medicaid dental plans don't cover preventative care, such as regular cleanings and dental x-rays. Some plans only pay a portion of the usual costs, leaving seniors to pay the rest. One of the easiest ways to help reduce dental costs for seniors looking for a supplemental plan is to increase their Medicare or Medicaid coverage to cover a regular cleaning and some preventive care.

Seniors help pay for their own oral health by getting coverage from a group or individual plan. One of the easiest ways to find affordable individual dental plans for seniors is to take advantage of annual cap discounts. This benefit is available for both individuals and groups. For individuals, the benefits are based on an annual cap rate, which is the lowest monthly rate for a group. Seniors who have an annual cap discount may also be able to switch to a higher annual deductible plan. If this doesn't help, the remaining portion of the usual charges can be covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Seniors may also be able to switch to a higher deductible plan. A higher deductible will lower the cost of the policy, but be sure the deductible isn't increased for coverage of cosmetic defects. Another way to keep costs down is to avoid getting a full coverage policy. Policies that cover all defects and procedures are more expensive than those that only cover a specific flaw.

There are several types of dental coverage plans for seniors. Full coverage plans pay for all major dental procedures. However, there are several plans that only cover certain defects. Potential dentures users should make sure that the plan covers all defects and procedures. While cosmetic dentistry procedures aren't covered by most plans, they are commonly covered under some plans.


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